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12 Solar Powered Products That You Should Actually Buy

Why use solar-powered products? Well, solar energy is the cleanest and cheaper source of energy. It is also a sustainable source of power on the planet. Unlike other sources, solar energy is virtually infinite; you don’t have to dig or drill into the earth to get it like the fossil fuels solar energy is also a convenient source of energy for those people who are on the go. When you are traveling to new places or the countryside, you may not be in a position it accesses the power outlet, but you will be able to charge your gadgets by solar energy. Whether you are going for outdoor events, hiking, camping, or holiday vacation at the beach, solar-powered products will keep your devices charged.

It is time to start benefiting from solar-powered devices and take solar power into your hands.

Below is a list of devices that uses solar energy and will help you to save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on electricity or another expensive source of energy.

  1. Solar-powered security cameras

Solar-powered security cameras

With the advancement in technology, there is a development of solar-powered security cameras that have been developed. Your security should not be compromised with unreliable sources of energy. That is why solar security camera is becoming handy these days.

Solar-powered security cameras are beneficial, especially in those areas were running electric cables would be expensive or impossible. Solar security cameras use a solar panel to get power and do not require electrical sources.  By utilizing solar energy, you will get the best from your solar power security cameras that have rechargeable batteries. The solar-powered cameras use a high-end solar panel to capture Sun’s rays and convert them into direct current. Afterward, the direct current is converted to alternating current by an inverter that can be used to power your security cameras and batteries for continued use.

  1. ECEEN hiking backpack

ECEEN hiking backpack

This is another tool that uses solar energy. It is a waterproof hiking device that is made from polyester and nylon and comes with a 7-watt solar panel. It does not hold a charge but will charge your device when the light makes contact with the solar panel that is built in a five slot port to charge your USB devices. The backpack us not heavy, it weighs less than three pounds, and it also has a lot of storage pockets. It comes with a hydration bladder.

  1. Schwinn solar light

This is a good device for solar energy. It comes with water-resistant led lights that run on rechargeable solar-powered batteries. This set comes with taillights and headlights that fit in most bikes. Its rear red light comes with three lighting modes, slow flash, rapid and steady mode.

  1. Simpeak

A simpeak hand crank had solar-powered rechargeable LED lights. It comes with an inbuilt battery that is charged by a solar panel. It also absorbs lights from hand crank or strong light bulbs.

  1. Logitech k750

Logitech k750

This version works better for PCs, but you can get a Mac version as well. This is a wireless keyboard that connects to your computer via a USB that is plugged into your laptop. Any small light source will power your keyboard that is capable of holding a three to four months charge.

  1. Big blue solar charger

This is another useful charger that utilizes solar energy. It is a 28-watt solar charger that is built in a durable and weatherproof polymer fabric. It offers a supper source of charge to your device. It has two USB ports and a zipped pocket to keep your product or device safe while they charge. It can be folded easily, making it portable too.

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  1. Etekcity solar lantern

Extra light is required when you are in an avid camper, or sometimes when your dog gets out in the night, you will need a lantern. Etekcity solar lantern is capable of charging in less than two hours and packs enough light that can is used for more than eight hours.

  1. Renogy Bluetooth speaker

Here it means more music. This speaker is made with a rechargeable lithium battery that is capable of providing more than 10 hours of music.  It is made up with an ipx5 waterproof material which means in case it gets splashed it won’t break. It also comes with an inbuilt LED that you can use as normal light or as SOS signal.

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  1. 4M solar Rover kit

This is another tool that can teach your kids or you’re about solar energy. It is an educational kit that comes with anything that you might require to build a solar-powered soda car vehicle. It is recommended to be used by kids who are eight years old and above.

  1. Running snail

It is an FM/AM radio that has multiple charging options.  This radio can be charged in a variety of ways, including solar power. The radio has a LED flashlight and a 2000amAh battery that can supply you with energy for 12 hours of lighting or 6 hours of radio. It also as an SOS alarm that has a loud sound that can be used as an emergency alarm and red emergency lights.

  1. Baxia led lights

Baxia technology lights are useful outdoor lights that can help you cut the costs of secular at your home because it uses solar energy to light up. It comes in packs of four and does not require any wiring. It is a weather-resistant device. It comes with 28 LEDs which are triggered by motion.

  1. Nemo helio

This is a pressure shower they utilize solar energy.  This is the best shower option for those people who live upcountry. Nemo helio is capable of holding up to 3 gallons of water. It has a PU courted material that is boob proof and easily gets heat from the sun to warm the water. It also uses a foot pump to put more pressure on it. What you need to do is to fill it up and set it for some hours in the sun, and you will have 5 minutes of hot water.